Pine & Boon leather goods are handcrafted in the USA. 

Our leather hides are selected with quality and strength in mind. Many of our designs are made from durable upholstery leather, which is soft, flexible, and easy to maintain. These bags are truly low-maintenance; gentle cleaning with a slightly damp cotton cloth will keep your bag looking sharp. 

We also use natural, vegetable-tanned leather in our designs -- an unfinished leather that is highly desirable for its raw characteristics. It darkens and wears over time to create a beautiful patina, similar to a vintage wallet or bag. Distressed imperfections in the hide are not sanded off or covered up in the tanning process, allowing for each bag to be truly unique. Our veg-tanned bags are finished with a natural leather conditioner, to create the softest natural leather possible. 

To keep leather hydrated and looking like-new, use a cloth to rub a very light layer of leather conditioner into the leather to restore its natural luster. Coat with a leather wax or waterproofer to protect against moisture if needed. For your convenience, we offer a collection of leather care products that are compatible with our leather designs. 

To care for your suede bags, use a suede brush for maintenance and cleaning. Revitalize tired or flattened suede by brushing with terrycloth towel or a clean, dry toothbrush. Consider treating with a weather guard spray suitable for suede if your bag could be exposed to rain or wet environments. 

With love and care, your new leather goods can last a lifetime.